Texas Hold ‘Em has quite firmly established itself as the online poker world’s predominantly number one online poker game. No matter what poker site you visit, you will always be able to find Texas Hold ‘Em offered. Similarly, Texas Hold’Em is a mainstay of every online casino and online sportsbooks offered cards too. Texas Hold ‘Em is therefore one of the quintessential cogs in the online poker machine; but the question that begs asking is; are they any specific exclusive poker bonuses for the game itself. Or are poker bonuses offered in general, irrespective of whether you are playing Texas Hold’Em or not?

Firstly, I wouldn’t say that there many (if any) Texas Hold’Em promotions as such. What you will find however, are plenty of Texas Hold ‘Em specific tournaments and these might have the odd offer or promotion attached to them. But these are exclusively for those players engaging their wit and skills in a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament, not any old Joe who fancies a flutter of cards at a table. So you have to be involved in a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament to pick up those kind of game specific promotions; but what about other poker promotions then?

General online poker promotions are widespread, although they aren’t game specific, unlike online casinos which might house a specific promotion for a specific slot. Online poker promotions can vary greatly in their value, significance and importance just as any other online promotion can. Online poker sites so indeed offer welcome bonus, although not always in the same way as online casinos. Whereas an online casino will almost certainly offer you a matched deposit bonus; online poker sites might prefer to chuck a couple of hundred quid your way, if you deposit this set amount.

Other poker promotions might also include free rolls, rake backs and entry into exclusive tournaments. Indeed many online poker sites generally have a free newbies tournament running which you are instantly granted access to when you sign up at a new online poker site as a fresh player.

To put it bluntly, any players hoping for exclusive one of a kind bonuses that apply to only Texas Hold’Em players will be out of luck. Those players seeking to play in Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments might prosper slightly with a entry free offer, but not to any great extent worth mentioning. Poker bonuses in general however are plentiful, though far less specific and not tied to any one game over another.