After nearly two decades of successfully doing business in Salt Lake City, we are confident in our experience and ability to plan, manage and complete any job that comes our way.

Alex Steckel, the owner of Arete Construction, has over 34 years of hands on building, design and construction experience.

Prior to his foray into building, Alex obtained a degree in art at The Minneapolis College of Art and Design. His artistic training and conservationist perspective are a clear and prevalent force in his work, and helps explain why he strives to maintain a keen eye for the visual and functional components of a construction project, so that it endures gracefully.

Over the course of a project lifecycle, Arete’s clients are kept appraised of every available option in regards to design issues, material management, labor and any other variable that is relative to cost and schedule. Our goal is to ensure there are never any unexpected surprises, which is why we insist on a policy built on transparency and communication. After all, the success of a project hinges on getting the details right.

We hope to collaborate with you, on your upcoming project.

Alex Steckel